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financial foundations in an archipelago of real world needs

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Financial foundations in an archipelago of real world needs

Southeast Asia is home to 680 million, and one of the fastest growing regions on Earth. Urban demographic growth has also left over 60% of adults underbanked, in the midst of some of the world's greatest resilience challenges. 

Financial inclusion and technology is the bridge to empowerment and opportunity for households everywhere. Rokkota - the foundations of islands - is the technology startup with a focus on empowerment of people at their most entrepreneurial.

The Rokkota portfolio of technology solutions is customer-centric, scalable, portable between the multicultural, multilingual, and economic diversity that defines the region. 

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First the Philippines. Then Southeast Asia. Then the Global South.

As a nation of 110 million, with over 60% smartphone penetration, and a GDP/capita rising quickly beyond its $3000/person mark, the Philippines is the ideal starting point for the Rokkota-developer suite of family-centric fintech solutions. Multi-lingual customer segments, high penetration of social media, and English language dominance is the ideal mix for the development of the ecosystem.

Customer engagement methodologies, financial products, and user empowerment tools shall be honed and scaled to other demographically intense economies over the next 3-5 years, as banking and fintech regulatory environments evolve toward open banking and open finance. Rokkota shall be right in the middle of these changes, sandboxing with regulators to put technology in the hands of everyday families everwhere.

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